“Any belief worth having must survive doubt”


What We Believe


The beliefs and strategies below represent the ideas that have led to our high level of customer satisfaction and unparalleled success for over 40 years. (see "What Sets Us Apart" and "What Our Clients Say").

"Diversity & Inclusion are essentially LEADERSHIP INITIATIVES.  Every enterprise must ask itself 'Have our leaders created an environment where every member of the team feels included and engaged?'  Because in the end, it doesn't matter how good your management skills and policies are if your people don't feel valued."

-- Al Vivian 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make diversity simple, “user-friendly” and uncomplicated. Thus, our name — BASIC Diversity. We will:
  • Remove barriers that interfere with your mission.
  • Empower your people with simple ”user-friendly” skills to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges of a diverse organization.
  • Assist you in developing systems to leverage the benefits of a diverse organization. 

Our Beliefs

Any diversity program that detracts from your mission is flawed.
The only good diversity program is one that helps your organization accomplish its mission in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Diversity is not about creating new barriers. It’s about increasing cultural understanding to remove existing barriers that hinder productivity.

Diversity and inclusion are more about leadership than management.
Management is about policies and procedures; leadership is about inspiration, and motivation.
It’s about inspiring every member of the enterprise to feel motivated to help their fellow teammates reach their full potential for the good of the organization as a whole. Leadership in this area does not require a title, it requires taking a stance to ensure everyone is treated in a fair, equitable manner regardless of background.

If your goal is tolerance, you've already failed.
Diversity is not about tolerance. Children are to be tolerated; not adults. Diversity and inclusion are about mutual respect. We must move beyond mere tolerance and learn to truly accept each other’s differences and unique characteristics. We don’t have to all love one another, but we have to work together.

White males are a vital part of diversity.
If your strategic diversity plan and/or organizational diversity team do not include white males they are not truly diverse! Further, they will fail. Diversity is
not geared towards excluding white males. The goal of diversity is to ensure that all voices and demographic segments are heard – including White males.

Diversity is a business imperative.
BASIC Diversity is a human relations firm that understands business imperatives. Improving your organization’s cultural climate can have a profound impact on teamwork and productivity, which ultimately leads to increased profits. Regardless of organizational type: corporate, non-profit, educational or government, diversity is still an issue of monetary concern. Whether the expense shows up in the form of lost revenue, decreased productivity, poor employee retention or lawsuits, it still cost you money.
Additionally, look at your client base. Over the past 40 years the educational levels, annual salaries and spending power of women and People of Color have increased massively!

Demographics demand that you deal with this issue.
The demographics of America are steadily changing. According to the U. S. Census Bureau half of all Americans will be what we now call racial minorities by the year 2042. Are you ready?

You must impact thinking to impact behaviors.
If your strategy to manage behaviors at work is based on policy (i.e. “We don’t care what you think and feel. All we care about is how you behave while at work.”) it will never succeed. Why? Because we’re not machines. We’re human beings. As a result, our thoughts and emotions tremendously impact and/or subliminally control our behaviors.
If you’re operating under the “compliance theory”, even if you implement great policies and you manage them flawlessly, the absolute best you can expect to achieve is compliance. But if you truly impact people’s thinking, you get commitment. Once you get commitment you no longer have to worry about compliance. Additionally, that commitment gives you the strategic advantage over your competitors. While they’re busy working hard on trying to achieve a perfect level of compliance (which they can never attain) you’ll be busy reaping the benefits of commitment.

Our Philosophy

Diversity is a fact of life. As people and organizations that want to survive and thrive in this world, we all have to move beyond mere tolerance and into an arena of real acceptance of each other’s differences and unique characteristics. Preparing staff for diversity is non-negotiable. It’s a basic element for every work environment that intends to be viable.