Media Room

Dear Media Professional,

Welcome to your one-stop diversity and inclusion research center!

You may or may not know of me, but I run BASIC Diversity, Inc., one of the nation’s oldest diversity and inclusion consulting firms. Over the past 40+ years, 26 years for me personally, we've worked with organizations of every size -- Fortune 500 companies (Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Ford and Walmart); massive government agencies (U.S. Army, National Secruity Agency and The World Bank), colleges & universities (Emory, Michigan State, Morehouse), all the way down to small nonprofit organizations (see our client list). Along the way I've become extremely effective at helping people of all walks of life understand and connect across their cultural differences. One of my more salient traits is the ability to create “Diversity Leadership” at every level within organizations. Additionally, we have what has been evaluated as the most effective race relation seminar in the country (Race Awareness Workshop)!

I know that one of the challenges that media professionals confront is the concern of making sure you state things just right when dealing with sensitive issues around the areas of race, gender and other diversity related topics. As a result I've taken it upon myself to save you the time, research, and possible embarrassment by creating a “media room” where you can stop in and find diversity related facts, statistics and articles that I've already written that you may use for FREE. The only requirement is that when you use my data, you must reference me, list our company name and website, and provide us with a copy of the article/story letting us know when and where it was printed, shown or posted.

Please let us know how we can be of further assistance. Feel free to call (770-616-2415) or email ( our office if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns. Thanks and have a great day.


The Diversity Leadership Expert
President & CEO
BASIC Diversity, Inc.


Al receives “Fan Male” of the year award from Atlanta Woman Magazine for his tireless work to promote gender equity