Frequently Asked Questions:

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Diversity in its most simple form can be defined as "All the similarities and differences amongst people".  In other words, "It's a combination of all the things that make us individuals"Historically diversity has been looked at only in terms of race and gender.  However, the field has matured to realize that it is far more encompassing. Due to our longevity, BASIC Diversity has been a part of that maturation.  We fully understand the field and explore diversity beyond visible identifiers.  Our Strategic Diversity Initiatives analyze:

Social Category Diversity -- related to visual demographics.

Informational Diversity -- related to education, experience and tenure.

Goals/Values Diversity -- related to team goals and underlying work values.

Organizations should care a great deal about diversity because:

  • "A mixture of genders, ethnic backgrounds and ages in senior management consistently correlates to superior corporate performance."  --  American Management Association survey

  •  Additionally, research shows that organizations that implement comprehensive strategic diversity initiatives consistently experience the following benefits:
    • increased market penetration
    • better decision-making
    • superior customer service
    • improved client retention
    • better public relations
    • improved customer retention
    • better, more effective processes 


While many use the terms diversity and inclusion interchangeably, they are actually different. Diversity basically refers to our differences and similarities. Inclusion involves creating an environment that values, embraces and maximizes the benefits of those similarities and differences.

 Diversity =  Demographic mix.

 Inclusion =  Environment where that demographic mix can maximize it's effectiveness. 

No.   Affirmative Action is reactive, legally driven and only deals with race and gender.   Diversity on the other hand, is proactive, business driven and goes well beyond race and gender.